This Cult-Favorite Brand Is Having a Sale on Stylish, Space-Saving Storage Solutions

updated Jun 22, 2020
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Credit: Emma Fiala

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel a little envious of the perfectly organized pantries and kitchens splashed all over Instagram and Pinterest? You’re not alone! And despite what you may think, you don’t need to hire a professional organizer to achieve a streamlined and neat cooking space. All you need are smart, simple yet stylish storage solutions to create the swoon-worthy kitchen of your dreams. If you’re on the lookout, there’s no better source than Yamazaki, one of our favorite organizing brands that’s currently hosting a massive sale (up to 40 percent off!) on organization essentials like storage racks, stemware holders, side tables and more. We rounded up the top can’t-miss finds to help you get started, and you can check out the rest of the sale here!

Credit: Yamazaki

1. Geometric End Table

This end table weighs just over five pounds and provides the perfect amount of extra surface space for holding a cup of coffee or snack next to a couch or armchair. The open, airy design of the frame also offers bonus space to stack cookbooks or magazines below the tabletop.

Buy: Geometric End Table, $42 (normally $70)

Credit: Yamazaki

2. Under Shelf Storage Rack

This ingenious storage rack hangs below a shelf so you can stash away items that would otherwise take up precious countertop space. The design is deep enough to fit a cookbook, rolls of parchment paper or other packaging supplies, and the wooden dowel can even hold a small dish towel. Three hooks are included, if you’d rather use the dowel to hang measuring cups, oven mitts or bulky utensils that have trouble fitting in a drawer, like whisks.

Buy: Under Shelf Storage Rack, $20 (normally $33)

Credit: Yamazaki

3. Dish Storage Rack

In small kitchens, making use of vertical space is generally a smart move, but when it comes to delicate dishware, you can do a lot of damage to your plates by stacking them. This storage rack lets you store dishes horizontally so they’re easy to grab without scratching or chipping them. Plus, the compact rack easily fits in standard cabinets or open shelving for organizing dessert, salad and small dinner plates, or it can even be placed in a deep drawer or pantry area to corral lids or cutting boards.

Buy: Dish Storage Rack, $8 (normally $13)

Credit: Yamazaki

4. Sweeper Stand

Fact: You’re more likely to use your sweeper if you store it where you can see it. But if you’ve tried keeping your Swiffer in the kitchen, you know it needs to lean in a corner to stay upright, and it can be an eyesore and a tripping hazard. This slim stand is made from steel and has two compartments for storing your sweeper and spare refill cloths. The best part? Your sweeper will stand up straight on its own, whether you want to keep it in the kitchen or a small closet.

Buy: Sweeper Stand, $17 (normally $28)

Credit: Yamazaki

5. Under Shelf Utensil Storage

Another nifty solution for the space below kitchen or pantry shelving, this rack of hooks is super helpful for keeping your most-used kitchen utensils and tools within arm’s reach. The rack of eight hooks attaches securely with a bolt, so it won’t bend under the weight of whatever you’re storing. If you really want to keep things streamlined, you can position it closer to a wall so items are out of your way. Another option? Use the hooks to hang the surplus of fresh herbs you’re growing this summer, so you can cook with your own dried herbs 12 months a year.

Buy: Under Shelf Utensil Storage, $10 (normally $17)

Credit: Yamazaki

6. Pour-Over Coffee Stand

This clever coffee stand solves a problem that pour-over coffee fans know all too well — accidental overflow. By simply positioning the brewer further above your mug or cup, you can keep an eye on the level of liquid, so you know just when to stop brewing to avoid making a mess. The rack folds flat to fit in a drawer or can lean against a backsplash between uses, but it can also be a nice way to display your pour-over setup if you have space on your countertop.

Buy: Pour-Over Coffee Stand, $14 (normally $24)

Credit: Yamazaki

7. Mounted Stemware Holder

If you’re accustomed to storing your stemmed wine glasses on a shelf, they’re much more likely to get chipped or cracked. This mounted stemware holder can fit up to four standard stemmed wine glasses and keeps them safely out of the way of potential dings. The holder mounts simply with four screws and can hang from shelves in your cabinets or from below the cabinets themselves! 

Buy: Mounted Stemware Holder, $8 (normally $13)