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The $22 Find That Keeps the Area Around My Stove Clean and Tidy

updated Jun 12, 2023
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The area around my stovetop is usually a mess — especially when I’m cooking dinner. There’s usually a bottle of my favorite Kosterina olive oil, a wooden spoon, a salt and pepper grinder, and some sort of cookware lid, all hovering right next to the stove like little helpers. There’s already very little counter space next to the stove, but the lid is the biggest culprit — and I think I’ve found the perfect solution.  

What’s So Great About the Yamazaki Lid & Ladle Stand?

Ever since I got the Yamazaki Lid & Ladle Stand, the area around my stove has a much better flow and much more space. Anytime I’d make a dish that required simmering, boiling, or steaming, I’d have to hold the pot lid up awkwardly as I stirred or shuffled ingredients around. And when that got too annoying, I’d set the lid in the sink or on top of the cutting board on our kitchen island; both options required walking over a few steps, which isn’t a big deal if the lid isn’t dripping with condensation or tomato sauce. 

The Yamazaki stand does exactly what it’s supposed to, and does it well — I just place the lid on the stand in one fell swoop without taking a single step toward my sink. The stand’s steel frame is sturdy enough for lids that fit small saucepans, as well as hefty Dutch ovens, and even the XL dome-shaped lid for my double boiler. I’m not at all surprised that the Yamazaki stand is so effective — the brand is beloved for its minimalist organizing and storage solutions, so naturally, this lid stand is a winner.

There’s a little tray within the base of the stand to catch condensation and sauces that drip off the lid, and you can use it as a utensil rest too. Cleaning the stand and the tray is literally as easy as rinsing them out with water. 

I have the white version of the stand, which also comes in black; both are super minimal, modern, and should fit in with any kitchen aesthetic. 

Beyond the obvious uses as a lid stand and utensil rest, you can also use it to prop open cookbooks or hold up a phone or tablet. No matter how you use it, though, Yamazaki’s lid stand design is just so simple and so effective that you’d find plenty of ways use it around your space.