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The Super-Stylish Organizer That Actually Makes Me Want to Clean

published Aug 18, 2021
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Cleaning is not the first, the second, or even the 20th thing I’d say I love to do. To be totally honest, it’s way down on my list of how I’d like to spend my time. But it is one of those things that needs to be done to keep the house in working order.

So when I saw the beautifully simple Yamazaki Favori storage bin, I knew I had to have it. You can use it for just about anything, such as a mail sorter, a child’s toy bin, or even an art tote. But I had a very specific job in mind for it: It would be the most stylish cleaning caddy I had ever owned. And the perfect incentive to get me to clean more!

Cleaning Caddies Keep Your Essentials All in One Place

At $33, I wanted validation before I spent the money. Cleaning caddies are, indeed, great for a few reasons, according to Vera Peterson, president of Molly Maid.

“[They] allow you to keep your cleaning essentials together in one place whether they’re in storage, or you’re lugging them from room to room during a cleaning spree,” she tells me. “It’s a good idea to consider which cleaning caddy best fits your needs so that you’re better able to enjoy the cleaning process.” Plus, she says, a caddy also enables you to keep your routine simple and organized, which could make cleaning feel like less of a hassle. (No having to sort through dozens of spray bottles! Just fill the caddy with the essentials, and you’re good to go.)

Like less of a hassle? I’m sold!

Credit: Michelle Lau
My new, lightweight cleaning caddy!

Here’s what I love about the Favori caddy. First off, it’s made by one of my favorite companies, Yamazaki Home — a home design brand inspired by Japanese minimalism — so its classic design is stylishly chic. Best of all, it’s lightweight and has a long handle, so it’s super easy to carry. I can go from the sink to the stove without lugging a heavy bucket full of cleaning sprays, or having to make multiple trips. Everything I need, including a handy box of baking soda, vinegar, and an all-purpose cleaner, is easy to find and right at my fingertips.

Over the last few weeks, since I’ve had the Favori, I’ve noticed something, too. Having such a beautiful caddy actually makes me want to clean. Kind of hard to believe, but hear me out. It’s so easy and convenient to just grab my box and take care of whatever mess is in sight. Spaghetti sauce drippings on the stove, crusty oven spill, a smudge on the window? No problem, I got it covered!

So, do what I did: Take the time to find a cleaning caddy you really love (I mean really love!). Find one that’s pretty and has room for your all your go-tos. Or just get this one. I promise, you’ll love it.

How do you organize your cleaning supplies? Tell us in the comments below.