This Is the Multipurpose Drying Rack You Never Knew Your Kitchen Needed

published Oct 17, 2022
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Ever stumble upon a tool so genius, yet so simple, that you can’t help but wish you invented it yourself? I’m talking about things like the coffee sleeve and the little table that goes in the middle of your takeout pizza — these straightforward inventions often solve particular pain points that impact your day-to-day life in an easy and approachable way that doesn’t add a lot of unnecessary clutter (or additional steps) to your daily routine.

For us, Yamazaki is one such brand that is constantly churning out the aforementioned stylish (yet extremely functional) tools. Our editors have several of their smart space-savers in their own kitchens, including the sleek rolling kitchen cart, minimalist dish towel hanger, and compact dish rack. And now, the brand is back with a new countertop product that helps solve a very soggy (and often unappealing) dishwashing issue.

At first glance, this petite Collapsible Bottle Dryer is pretty unassuming. I mean, it just dries bottles, right? Wrong. It actually does so much more than that — and we’re not the only ones that are wowed by it. In addition to lots of happy customers, the item has a perfect five-star rating on the site! This space-saving Yamazaki piece is outfitted with four tall arms which can easily and compactly help drip-dry everything from your beloved Stanley mug to glasses and baby bottles. Instead of putting said bottles mouth-side down on a drying mat (and subsequently ending up with a musty smell inside that’s so hard to eliminate), this rack allows air to circulate throughout the bottle, drying it more quickly and without any mildew. It’s even the ideal way to dry out cartons of milk, juice, or cold brew before throwing them in your recycling bin, which will help cut down on any stench that developers ahead of trash pickup.

Buyers love how versatile this piece is, with many mentioning they’ve bought two (or even three!) of the racks after falling in love with the ease of the first. “I was ordering another item I really needed from this website and added this to my order,” says one reviewer. “I thought I would give it a try, having wanted a collapsible bottle dryer for a while. This one is great — I use it for bottles and plastic bags which I wash and reuse. It’s a nice weight, so it doesn’t turn over, is stable when opened, has rubber feet to protect the counter and silicone tips so your items don’t slip.” Other buyers even mention its ability to dry heavier items, such as baking sheets, with ease. “This is one of those items I was on the fence about, but now use daily. I love it for drying different items, including my baking sheets and cutting boards. It doesn’t take up a lot of counter space (my kitchen is tiny) and folds up for easy storage. A truly functional and versatile piece you didn’t know you needed!”