The Sleek Kitchen Find That Keeps Butter Fresher Longer (No More Fussy Wax Paper!)

published Dec 23, 2022
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Credit: Sarah Wintle

There’s no denying that butter makes almost everything taste better. It doesn’t matter if you’re baking sugar cookies, preparing spaghetti carbonara, or making toast for breakfast — a tablespoon or more can never hurt. But, the process of taking a stick out of the fridge and unwrapping it is almost enough to make you opt for oil instead. Unless you buy the butter or margarine that comes in a tub, you’re dealing with chunks individually wrapped in finicky wax paper. These coverings almost never stay closed after you first open them, so if you don’t find a separate storage container for this ingredient, it runs the risk of becoming hard and crumbly when directly exposed to frigid air. In an effort to help you avoid this problem, we found a product from editor-favorite brand Yamazaki that’ll keep your butter fresh for weeks. The vacuum-sealing butter dish is your next essential kitchen purchase.

In true Yamazaki fashion, this extra-large dish sports a minimal and sleek look. It’s essentially a roomy plastic tub with a matching airtight lid, designed to hold multiple sticks of butter at a time and keep them preserved long after you remove their paper wrapping. The dish is meant to be stored in the fridge, but it’ll also look chic on your dinner table as guests pass it around. Now, you can simply dip a knife inside and take however much you need without having to peel back wax paper and get your hands greasy in the process. A small notch on the lid lets you lift the top seamlessly. What’s more, this dish is a steal at just $15 — especially considering all the dried-out sticks that would otherwise be wasted.

You’ll also be happy to learn that the vacuum-sealing butter dish is safe to go in both the dishwasher for easy cleaning and in the microwave. If your slab is too hard to use, just pop the whole tub in for a few seconds, heat, and spread it onto your bread without a hitch. In short, there’s no part of this product that doesn’t make total sense. We know and appreciate Yamazaki for their kitchen organizers, bathroom caddies, and office cable management systems. It’s high time we showed some love to their ingenious food storage collection, too. If this butter dish is any indication, there’s a lot to be excited about.