The Ridiculously Chic (and Space-Saving) Solution for Drying Water Bottles

published Jul 6, 2022
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At the intersection of style and genius storage is Yamazaki, a small organizing brand that we’re constantly fawning over. Our editors have several of their smart space savers in their own kitchens, including the sleek rolling kitchen cart, minimalist dish towel hanger, and compact dish rack. Clearly, Yamazaki reads our minds when it comes to making exactly what we’re missing in our kitchens for creating organization. Now, they’re back with a new product that solves one particularly annoying dishwashing problem in the most aesthetically-pleasing way possible.

The Yamazaki Countertop Bottle Drying Rack is designed to securely hold water bottles, glasses, jars, and more upside down so they can properly dry. You’ll never again have to worry about your bottles rolling around your dish rack or having to dry them upright with water left to pool at the bottom. And, you’ll love its low-profile look, making it ideal for small spaces or anyone who doesn’t want a clunky dish rack on the counter. 

Anyone who has a collection of water bottles knows that for how much waste they prevent, they come with a few finicky obstacles. Storing and cleaning bottles are the top concerns because of their long, narrow shapes. But because we’ve already written about an ingenious water bottle rack, the last hurdle is figuring out how to wash and dry this daily essential. After using one of our favorite bottle brush sets, simply store your clean drinking vessel on this super simple steel drying rack. It’ll drain upside down so you’ll actually be left with a dry bottle in the morning, and the convenient bottom tray can hold lids and straws.

There are a few features that make this water bottle drying rack exceptional, aside from the initial design. For starters, it has grips on the back bar to keep bottles, jars, cups, and mugs secure while they dry. The middle rack also includes a bar for the lip of your bottle to rest against to keep it in a tilted position. Finally, the bottom tray is removable so you can easily dispose of excess water. 

It comes in at just 6.7 inches tall and 4.7 inches wide, so it’ll take up minimal space on your counter. And because it weighs under 5 pounds, you could easily store it in a cabinet if you’d rather keep it out of the way while not in use. 

While it’s an obvious solution for water bottles, you could also use this as a baby bottle drying rack or for Mason jars, drinking glasses, mugs, and more. The rack can accommodate items up to 2 liters in size, so you can easily use it for pitchers and vases as well.

Clearly, such a simple kitchen solution can make a huge impact. If you’re constantly washing water bottles or baby bottles or you just want an alternative for drying glasses, look no further than this sleek drying rack.