This Sleek Organizing Solution Lets Me Store My Face Masks in Style

published Nov 12, 2021
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Someone holding fabric face masks.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

Like (I assume) many of you, I’ve built up an impressive collection of protective face masks over the past couple of years. I have fashionable fabric masks and character-themed masks, but the bulk of them are 3-ply face masks that I sometimes layer or wear on their own. In fact, I have multiple bags of face masks that found a home on a shelf in my office simply because I had nowhere else to place them. It’s not the most attractive spot, but I didn’t think I had many choices for where to store them. Until I saw Yamazaki Home’s Face Mask Dispenser. It looked stylish, compact, and best of all, it seemed like a great way to finally get my masks contained once and for all. I had to try it out.

The steel face mask dispenser from Yamazaki Home is a one-stop storage solution for all my masks at home. It’s a simple, sleek box that you can get in either black or white, and it comes with a magnet for optional no-drill wall mounting. Depending on where you place the dispenser, there are two methods of retrieving masks: through the opening at the top or by pulling a mask out from the bottom. Mounting the dispenser on the wall has an added bonus: You can use it as a shelf for small items such as keys, glasses, or anything else you might be grabbing on the way out of the door.

Based on my own personal mask collection, the dispenser can comfortably hold up to 50 (!) three-ply masks. That number may shift depending on the sizes and styles of your masks, but the dispenser works with all types, both disposable and reusable. The box is spacious and has a slanted shelf inside so that you can pull a single mask from the bottom without disrupting the others. And thanks to the lid, everything inside stays dust free.

If you’re wall-mounting the face mask dispenser (which, if you can, is definitely the way to go), make sure you pick a smooth surface. The mounting magnet sticks to the wall like a Command strip, so the safest way to ensure it sticks securely is to place it somewhere with as few bumps as possible. The magnet is powerful, and since the dispenser is made from steel, the two have a strong bond. Translation: You won’t have to worry about sliding and falling off the wall. I’ve been using a Yamazaki Home magnetic refrigerator organizer for months, and it hasn’t shifted a bit. The mask dispenser features the same type of magnet, so you can rest assured that your masks will stay put.

Thanks to this nifty little $22 dispenser, I’ve finally been able to get rid of all the unsightly plastic bags that my face masks were shipped in. I know where to find all my clean masks and can grab one on my way out of the house without thinking twice. It’s one of my favorite home organization tools that aligns with how life has changed over the past couple of years, and it’s nice being able to keep the masks contained somewhere stylish. I couldn’t be happier with it.

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The Sleek Organizing Solution That Lets Me Store My Face Masks in Style