Would You Ever Organize Your Cookbooks by Color?

Would You Ever Organize Your Cookbooks by Color?

Faith Durand
May 10, 2013

It's always fascinating to see what stirs up the most vehement comments on our family of sites. And over at Apartment Therapy, there is one sure way to start a spat: Talk about organizing books by color! And yet I think that it actually can be a great option, especially for cookbooks! Why is it so controversial, and why do I like it in spite of this? Read on for more, plus a really awesome picture of cookbooks organized by color...

I am a book-lover, through and through. My husband and I have thousands of books, spread through our office and living room, and while they're currently organized loosely by topic and author, I've always wanted to rearrange by color — at least for a little while. 

Many Apartment Therapy readers take umbrage at this idea, saying it elevates design over reading, and that no one who organizes their books by color actually reads. (You can follow the debate here, here, and here.) But this makes zero sense to me. Just because you organize your books by author doesn't mean that you actually read them! We have some friends who are avid readers, with a big book collection that is organized by color, and I love browsing their shelves, finding books placed side-by-side that wouldn't ordinarily be together, and discovering unexpected connections between books. 

To bring it around to cookbooks, I like the idea of breaking a collection into colors. What would it tell you about your books? What if you broke up your baking book ghetto and spread French baking books side by side with that casserole book for fall? It's just a little thing, but especially for a small cookbook collection I think it would be a fun experiment. Who knows what new ideas you'd think of by juxtaposing books with one another. (And it looks good, yes it does.) 

Do you organize any of your books by color? 


(Images: Heather Blaha for Apartment Therapy from House Tour: Emily & Craig's Logan Square Rehab; Elle Decor)

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