Would You Eat the World's Healthiest Airplane Meal?

Would You Eat the World's Healthiest Airplane Meal?

Emma Christensen
Jun 26, 2012

A UK-based food industry market research company was given the challenge to create the world's healthiest meal, incorporating as many scientifically-proven health claims as possible. As a further challenge, they were tasked with making it an airline meal. How do you think they did? And would you eat it?!

Here's their meal plan, as announced in the company's press release:

Fresh and Smoked Salmon Terrine - with ALA and DHA for brain and heart function
Mixed Leaf Side Salad with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dressing - for cholesterol claims
High Fibre Multigrain Bread Roll - for 17 claims around fibre, folate and arabinoxylan
Chicken Casserole with Lentils & Vegetables - for iron absorption, vitamins and minerals
Live Yoghurt Blancmange - for cholesterol, gut health and blood glucose control
Cranberry, Raspberry & Elderflower Sports Drink - for energy, vitamins and electrolytes
Pure Spring Water - to offset dehydration

The yogurt also comes with a walnut and "sugar-free caramel-flavored sauce," and there are mixed berry meal replacement shakes for "flyers watching their waistlines (and, presumably, vegetarians?). Oh, and alas, those things that look like cookies in the photo are actually charcoal tablets intended to reduce gas after eating.

At least in theory, I have to say this meal sounds pretty tasty. I'd want to see an ingredient list to check for artificial ingredients, especially in the sports drink and meal replacement shake, but this is certainly better than a lot of the airplane food I've had recently!

What do you think? Would you eat this healthy meal?

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Leatherhead Creates Airline Meal with all 222 EFSA Health Claims from Leatherhead Food Research

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(Image: Leatherhead Food Research)

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