World Cup Soccer Player Julie Ertz Swears by This Easy Snack (Plus 4 More Self-Care Tips)

updated Jul 8, 2019
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The team that represented the U.S.A. in the FIFA Women’s World Cup has been called “the best U.S. Women’s Soccer Team ever.” And their epic 2-0 victory over the Netherlands this past Sunday, that solidified their status as 2019 World Champions, might just be proof of that.

That’s why we feel so lucky to have gotten a chance to chat with starting midfielder Julie Ertz, right in the midst of the competition. Here are the self-care tips and tricks that Julie swears by to help her feel her best. Who knows, they might just have helped her score a World Cup victory too!

1. Visualizing her goals in a daily planner.

I’ve found that visualizing my goals is so important to my success because it gets me into my zone. Writing my goals down holds me accountable and keeps me motivated — especially if I have a lofty goal I’m striving to reach. I also incorporate visualization into my goal-setting routine — I close my eyes, tune out the world, and replay visions of myself achieving my goals in my head. You’d be surprised at how your visions can become your reality! 

2. Morning stretches to set the tone for the day.

Mornings are so important in setting the tone for the rest of the day. I always start my day with a few morning stretches on this yoga mat to loosen up before I hit the gym for weight training or the trails for a run. Nothing gets me ready to own the day quite like making time for a good stretch.

3. Almonds on the go!

As a professional soccer player, I’m constantly fueling my body to give me enough energy to own my everyday tasks. I’m a huge fan of portable, healthy snacks like almonds because they’re easy to put in a plastic bag for enjoying on the go. Plus, almonds have the protein and fiber my body needs for the day ahead — whether I’m training on the soccer field or reviewing films of my past games. 

4. Humble reminders of what’s important.

Daily inspiration is very important to me to stay motivated — and I get it from my family, friends, teammates, and fans. I actually keep a few inspirational personal items handy in my den and my kitchen to remind me of what I’ve accomplished. For example, the medals that I have on display are really meaningful to me because it reminds me of the support I got from my teammates. And I’m also a huge fan of keeping handwritten notes, and birthday and holiday cards from family and friends — especially my grandma’s homemade cookie recipes. 

5. Lighting candles and listening to tunes.

Between my personal, professional, and philanthropic commitments, my schedule can get pretty busy — and I love it! But it’s important to carve out some me time so I can re-focus and keep my priorities top-of-mind. My favorite way to get into my “zone” is to put on some tunes and light a candle

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Thanks so much for sharing, Julie!