Work-from-Home Lunch: Meatless Croque Madame

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Scrounging for lunch on a recent work-from-home day, we came up with a heel of bread, a hunk of gouda cheese, and a few eggs. We didn’t have high hopes for lunchtime satisfaction. But then we remembered an old favorite, the classic French croque madame.

The original dish is actually a croque monsieur. This pairs a thick slice of toast with a slice of ham and another slice of gruyere cheese. Under the broiler, this becomes bubbly and crusty. A croque madame is the same dish but with a fried egg on top.

Our lunchtime kitchen raid didn’t unearth ham or any other deli meat, so we simply skipped that ingredient. We also spread some spicy mustard on the bread for extra kick and substituted gouda for the gruyere. The bread and cheese went under the broiler while the egg was frying, and we had a tasty and satisfying meal in about five minutes. Yum.

Do you ever eat croque monsieurs or madames? What’s your favorite version?