Word of Mouth: Tagine

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The word tagine (also written as tajine) refers to two things. One: a cooking pot traditionally found in North African kitchens. Two: a tagine is also the name of various dishes in North African cuisine.

The tagine pot is made of clay and is often glazed. A tagine has two parts; the bottom part and the cone-shaped top part. The cone shape of the top part forces the condensation that forms on the inside to return to the food, thus keeping it moist. When cooking is completed, the tagine is brought to the table. The lid is removed and the bottom part is used as a serving dish.

Moroccan tagines are also meat and vegetable stews cooked in the pot, and served with couscous. The stews are slow-cooked at low temperatures until the meat is falling off the bone. Tunisian tagines are more like a frittata.

(Images: Tagines.com and ThisNext)


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