Word of Mouth: Ramekin

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Ramekin (ram-eh-kin), noun: a small dish used for baking or serving. Simple, serviceable, and durable, ramekins are used in the highest of high end restaurants and the humblest of home kitchens. What’s so great about them? Read on…

A set of ramekins was a recent addition to our arsenal of kitchenware. We’ve been using them for baking up things like dessert custards, miniature souffles, and individual cobblers.

To be honest, though, we’ve found that our ramekins are getting the most use as prep-containers! They’re perfect for holding minced garlic, pre-measured spices, and other small ingredient portions that occasionally get overlooked or misplaced in the chaos of bringing a dish together.

Ramekins can be found in any number of shapes and sizes, though they’re typically circular and intended for single servings. One of their biggest advantages is in their durability – ramekins can be frozen, microwaved, baked, and run through the dishwasher without worry.

And if they do eventually crack, they’re relatively inexpensive to replace. We got our set of 8 ramekins for about $10 from China Fair in Boston, and have seen them elsewhere ranging in price from $.99 to $5 depending on size, material, and brand.

Their simple design also makes them an elegant, understated serving dish. We like that we can take these straight from oven to table without feeling the need to re-plate.

Do you find ramekins to be a useful kitchen tool?

(Image: Flickr member bourgeoisbee licensed under Creative Commons)