Word of Mouth: Flognarde

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Flognarde [flow nyard] n. Also flaugnarde – a clafoutis made with a fruit other than cherries.

We really love clafoutis – the easy breakfast cross between a custard and a cake. We’ve talked about Big Pancake and Apple Pancake, which are very similar to clafoutis – oven-baked pancakes that puff spectacularly and descend into custardy goodness. We’ve also made a basic cherry and berry clafoutis.

But imagine our surprise, when we went to make a version with figs and plums, to find that the name clafoutis is only reserved for cherries!

If you make a clafoutis with other fruit, technically it’s called a flognarde or flaugnarde. Who knew.

Check out this eGullet thread – they are discussing making a flognarde with sugared pumpkin! Yum.