Word of Mouth: Aux Fine Herbes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Aux Fine Herbes (oh feen air’b): Translated literally from French, meaning “with fine herbs.” For culinary purposes, meaning a blend of four fresh herbs, one of which is always chervil.

The other three herbs are traditionally chives, tarragon, and parsley, and they are always always fresh–or else the Classical French Chefs of Yore will cry bitter tears into their consomme!

Combine equal proportions of each herb and mince them as fine as possible.

In cooking, add the herbs toward the end so they are just barely heated and the flavor is still fresh and bright.

We also often use this combination of herbs in vinaigrettes for simple summer salads or in herb butter for sandwiches. The tarragon, in particular, adds an unexpected licorice flavor that we really love!

All these herbs are inexpensive and should be readily available at your farmer’s markets right now, so feel free to play around!

(Image: Chervil by Flickr member ejhogbin licensed under Creative Commons)