Word of Mouth: Amuse-Bouche

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

amuse-bouche [ah-mewz-BOOSH] Literally translated, this French term means “entertained mouth.” An amuse-bouche is usually a small one- or two-bite portion, meant to tickle the taste buds. It is the appetizer to the appetizer.

There is a great book on amuse-bouche called, you guessed it, Amuse-Bouche by Rick Tramonto. If you’re itching to make things like Chilled Cucumber Soup with Lemon Oil, or Bulgur Salad with Watercress and Toasted Walnut Puree, it’ll be a welcome addition to your cookbook shelf.

*Word of Mouth is a weekly feature of The Kitchen that will explain some of the more mystifying vocabulary of the food world. Is there a word or term that you want defined? Send us an email.