8 Women-Run Kitchen Brands Everyone Should Know About

updated Sep 8, 2020
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A new wave of consumer brands are transforming our kitchens with intention and style, and a majority of them are female founded. Although small, these brands are creating mighty big changes with every product launch. While we whole-heartedly believe every day is a good day to support women-run businesses, we think that on March 8, International Women’s Day, they deserve a special call-out. From beautifully crafted cookware to ridiculously smart storage solutions to a game-changing olive oil that’s delicious on both salad and desserts, these brands produce some of our favorite kitchen finds. Learn more about them below.

Credit: Great Jones

1. Great Jones

Founded by besties Sierra Tishgart and Maddy Moelis, Great Jones is a love letter to home-cooked meals. The brand launched with five essential cookware pieces in ceramic or cast-iron and nonstick, including the super popular Dutchess, a Dutch oven that’s perfect for slow-roasting. Recently, they added a new color (a gorgeous Marinara) to the Dutchess collection, as well as a cheeky electric blue half-sheet called Holy Sheet. We love that they’ve compiled a helpful directory for recycling old pots and pans (seriously, what do you do with them otherwise?), plus they have a liberal 30-day exchange policy that lets you test and return used pots. But given the glowing reviews, we’re pretty sure you’re not going to want to part with your Great Jones cookware anytime soon.

Buy: The Dutchess, $145

Credit: Year & Day

2. Year & Day

Kathryn Duryea started Year & Day as an affordable (and chic!) alternative to the boring and expensive dinnerware available on the market. The designs are simple and clean, and the ceramics are single-fired by Portugese artisans using locally sourced clay, then finished with eye-catching semi-matte colors that make them great for mixing and matching. Duryea also stocks flatware (made in Portugal) and chemical-free glassware (made in Italy) to finish off the table setting. You can buy individual pieces (hello, tiny cabinets!) or just snag a set using the “Build My Complete Set” feature.

Buy: All Day and Night Dip Dishes, $26

3. Hedley & Bennett

Celebrities in the food space like Martha Stewart, April Bloomfield, and Alton Brown swear by Ellen Bennett’s high-quality, handcrafted aprons made from fun materials like Japanese denim, American canvas, and luxe linens that are built to withstand a professional-grade kitchen. Every pocket corner is reinforced with extra strength, while the straps have a unique cross-back system that helps them lie flat rather than get twisted in frustrating knots. Seven years since launching, Bennett has now added work shirts, chef coats, kitchen shoes, socks, totes, knife bags, and even the sweetest tiny aprons for budding chefs.

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Credit: Amazon

4. Bee’s Wrap

Vermonter Sarah Kaeck started Bee’s Wrap in 2012 as a reusable alternative to single-use plastic. The recipe was rather simple — organic cotton covered in beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin — but the concept was a total game changer. We tested it for ourselves when it first came out and couldn’t help but rave over the various pros, specifically its ability to keep everything fresh without polluting the environment. Although there are tons of knockoffs and similar products on the market, Kaeck’s O.G wrap is the real deal. She’s since added tons of fun colors and patterns as well as various size options.

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5. Brightland

How do you take something as simple as olive oil and make it delicious and chic? Aishwarya Iyer cracked the code with Brightland, which she launched to combat the multitude of olive oil brands that aren’t honest about their ingredients. While Bightland’s bottles are beautiful and deserve a prime spot on your counter, it’s what’s inside that matters. Brightland sells four olive oil varieties — Alive, Awake, Lucid, and Ardor (limited-edition chili-infused oil ) — and each comes with tasting notes akin to what you might find with wine. The oils are delicious, and you’re encouraged to drizzle them over both sweet and savory dishes. Plus, Brightland olive oils are so popular around the Kitchn office, we legit can’t stop buying them!

Credit: Our Place

6. Our Place

Malala Fund’s co-founder Shiza Shahid launched Our Place in 2019, with a mission to create cookware that fit into tiny kitchens while eliminating the need for unnecessary pots and pans that clutter cabinets. The result was the minimalist Always Pan. Made from heavy gauge cast aluminum with a nonstick coating, it features a Bakelite handle, a nesting stainless steel steamer basket, pour spouts, a lid, and a spoon with a notch that anchors it to the pan. The pan can take on eggs, pasta, sauces, and even soups! Our Place also stocks stackable dinnerware, drinking glasses, and even a limited-edition Always Pan with a nesting wooden steamer. Plus, it’s all available in millennial-appropriate colors.

Buy: The Always Pan, $145

7. Stasher

Founded by Kat Nouri, Stasher is similar to zip-top plastic bags, except they’re made of silicone and completely reusable. The air-tight bags are great for freezing leftovers, salvaging that quarter lemon or half banana, and even sous-vide cooking. Plus the sleek design takes up little room in your fridge or cabinets and is ideal for packing snacks on-the go. The bags come in over 20 colors and five sizes, and there’s even a stand-up version for saving delicate foods like chips or nuts. While Stasher bags may cost a bit more, they end up paying for themselves, considering that you can basically use them forever.

Buy: Stasher Sandwich Bag, $12

Credit: East Fork

8. East Fork

Connie Matisse is one of the co-founders of East Fork, a company that creates the most sublime ceramic pieces that we are truly obsessed with (hello, #TheMug!). They even took home a top honor in our first ever Kitchn Awards, and we once paused a full staff meeting to check out their Annual Seconds Sale. East Fork recently launched a dreamy new glaze — Prune — that founder Matisse described as “…deeply grounding, an all-seasons shade that adapts to its surroundings.” If you haven’t treated yourself to the functional yet aesthetically appealing pieces from East Fork, we urge you to absolutely do so.

Buy: The Mug, $36