Blogger Eats 162 School Lunches In One Year

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The idea of eating a school lunch doesn’t always bring back the fondest of memories. Although everyone loved pizza day, there wasn’t much else redeeming about the food served. One blogger has set out to do her own discovering about school lunches and so far — she’s eaten 162 of them (and lived to tell the tale).

As much as we’d like to think that parents are able to pack their children a healthy and nutritious lunch for school each day, having worked many a day in the educational system, I promise you that doesn’t always happen.

In many schools 50% or higher (usually closer to 75%) rely on the lunch ladies and the food programs set up by the state to feed them. Mrs. Q as she’s called on her blog, Fed Up With Lunch, set out to eat lunch every day in schools local to her. Not to put anyone down mind you, but to really understand what kids are eating.

Some days she was unable to identify what was on her plate and other days took her by surprise with fresh fruit and the beloved pizza. This year she’ll be publishing a book with her findings and revealing her name (which has been withheld due to her line of employment) to finally put a face on the events and meals that have been going down the hatch.

Read more: Check out more over at CNN or Mrs. Q’s blog, Fed Up With Lunch and then take a second look to see if there are any efforts you can make in your own community in regards to these programs. Obviously we can’t all be Jamie Oliver, but every little bit helps!

(Image: Flickr member dancing_chopsticks licensed for use by Creative Commons)