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You’ll Need at Least Three Napkins to Eat These Wisconsin Butter Burgers

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As much as I love a pantry-staple recipe that I can cook with things I already have in the house, some recipes are worth a grocery run. If you want to make these Wisconsin butter burgers, you’re probably going to have to pick up some more butter. You already have butter in the fridge? Yeah, you’re going to need more. The burgers are cooked in butter. The onions are cooked in butter. And as if that weren’t enough, the buns are positively slathered in butter. These burgers are National Butter Day on a plate. 

All the components of this recipe cook in the same pan. (If you swapped pans, you might waste some butter, and we wouldn’t want to do that.) Start by browning some chopped onions in a buttered pan. Set the onions aside, but don’t wipe out the pan, because you’ll use that leftover butter and browned onion bits to cook the burgers. 

Cook the burgers in the leftover butter in the onion pan for about three minutes on each side. You can add some extra oil to the pan if you need to. The outside of the burger should be browned and crisp. When they’re almost ready to go, put a piece of cheese on top of each burger and let it sit in the pan for about 30 seconds or so, to let the cheese melt. 

Generously butter the tops of your hamburger buns. You might think you can skip this step, but don’t. The author insists you want two tablespoons on each bun top, and it’s an absolutely essential part of a real Wisconsin butter burger. Besides, we’re already going all in with the butter. Might as well butter up the bread, too. 

Put the burgers on the buns, top each burger with sautéed onions, and finish it off with the buttered bun top. With all this butter, you might need a toothpick in the middle of the burger to keep the burger together so it doesn’t slide apart. Eat it quickly, and be sure to have some napkins on hand. 

Get the recipe: Wisconsin Butter Burger from The Cookie Rookie

Credit: Joe Lingeman

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