Crunchy and Colorful: 10 Winter Salads

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I’ll confess, I’ve always been more of a summer-salad person than a winter-salad person. But this year I’ve resolved to set aside my leafy-green biases and change all that. The first step: browsing through our archives for inspiring winter salad recipes. Not surprisingly, there were a number of tantalizing choices featuring a gamut of ingredients, from cauliflower and celeriac to peanuts and persimmons.

Before I began digging, I was expecting to find lots of color, but I was still impressed with what turned up. From pale lemony yellow to deep purple, this is a visually exciting array of dishes. So now my goal is to eat my way through this herbaceous rainbow by trying a new salad every week until spring. Any other takers?



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