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I’m a Registered Dietician and I Use This Spicy Sauce in Wraps, on Pizza, at Breakfast, and More

published Feb 9, 2022
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Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Credit: Photo: Jenny Huang | Food Stylist: Thu Buser | Prop Stylist: JoJo Li

When the temperature begins to drop around mid-October, I know it’s the unofficial start of my favorite season: Buffalo sauce season! My Sundays become consumed with football, and the number of dishes I drizzle and douse with the garlicky, spicy sauce increases exponentially. Seriously, the limit does not exist.

Credit: Rebecca Jaspan

The number of Buffalo sauce brands lining grocery store shelves seems just as never-ending as my desire to eat it. I came across my all-time favorite, Wing-Time, when I had plans to make Buffalo cauliflower for a Sunday afternoon of, you guessed it, watching football. The buffalo’s eyes caught mine, but it was the back of the label that had me reaching for a bottle: For almost three decades, the company has been making its line of hot sauces using natural and preservative-free ingredients. I had to try it!

When I got home, I removed the cap and took one whiff of the fiery orange sauce; it smelled like a winner. Wing-Time is sold in mild, medium, and hot versions. I find the mild version to be the perfect combination of heat, pepper, and vinegar. The consistency is smooth and creamy and easily coats whatever food I slather it on. In my house, we use this sauce on so much more than chicken wings.

Buy: Wing-Time Buffalo Wing Sauce, Mild, $20 for 3 (12.75 ounce) bottles

Credit: Rebecca Jaspan

Remember that Buffalo cauliflower? The Wing Time sauce really gets into all the little crevices in the cauliflower and bakes to crispy perfection. It’s a staple appetizer at our game-day gatherings. Sometimes it shows up in pizza form: I spread a layer of Buffalo sauce over fresh pizza dough and top it with sautéed chopped Buffalo cauliflower, mozzarella cheese, and blue cheese for that classic combination and tangy bite. The result is seriously tasty and a fun spin on pizza night.  

Credit: Rebecca Jaspan

This sauce is so good, I can’t wait until football weekends to eat it. And, honestly, I don’t always! For a quick work-from-home lunch, I toss canned and drained chickpeas in the Buffalo sauce and stuff them in a wrap with dressed romaine lettuce. It’s spicy, crunchy, and super satisfying. The zippy, tangy flavor and luscious texture makes it a truly versatile condiment that I have a hard time not putting on everything — breakfast included.

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