2010 Burgáns Albariño

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Budget Wine: 2010 Burgáns Albariño
Region: Rías Baixas, Spain
Average Price: $13

I love Albariño. I have recommended this wine before, but it is such a great value, versatile wine, and we so enjoyed this Burgáns last night with dinner, that I needed to give it a shout out again.

The Albariño grape comes from Rías Baixas, the beautiful, rugged, northwestern coastal region of Galicia in Spain. Albariño wines have become very popular in the United States. Why? Firstly they are delicious and incredibly versatile at the table. They are also perfect for sipping as an apéritif.

In terms of taste, Albariño wines are wonderfully crisp and refreshing and packed with lively flavors of stone fruit and citrus. They often have a lovely floral note to the nose and a racy stony minerality or spicy kick on the finish.

Given its provenance it is no surprise that this Burgáns Albariño wine will pair wonderfully well with all sorts of seafood. (most of Spains’ seafood is caught off the coast of Galicia). However, this wine is also delicious with a wide variety of Asian dishes, even those with quite a bit of spicy heat. Medium bodied, this Burgáns is mouthwateringly juicy and jam-packed with flavors of peach, apricot, orange citrus, pink lady apple and has a subtle spicy finish.

We enjoyed our Burgáns with a dish of linguine with jumbo lump crabmeat (to which I added some red pepper flakes for a little heat).

While I have certainly enjoyed a few wonderful aged Albariño wines, most, including this Burgáns, are really made to be enjoyed young — within 2-3 years of release.

Mary Gorman-McAdams, MW (Master of Wine), is a New York based wine educator, freelance writer and consultant.

(Image: Mary Gorman-McAdams)