The $30 Amazon Find That’ll Get Your Wine Glasses Restaurant-Level Clean

published Jan 7, 2022
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

I don’t know about you, but my wine glasses seem to get more use around the holidays. Whether I’m trying out a new bottle someone gifted me or hosting a gathering, I find myself washing twice as many wine glasses between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. I don’t have a problem doing more dishes than usual (especially if it means I’m enjoying delicious foods and drinks). The frustrating part is that no matter how thoroughly I wash my stemless glasses, they just don’t feel totally clean — and I’m anticipating that’ll be even more true given the higher volume this time of year. 

If you, like me, have ever wondered why your wine glasses look cloudy after you wash them, it may be time to try out a specialty cleaner. Allow me to introduce you to Restaurant Crystal Clean, a professional-grade cleaner that’s said to leave wine glasses totally free of film and spots that not only make glasses look less than appealing, but could also potentially affect the taste of your wine. The plant-based cleaner, as a bonus, is also totally biodegradable and concentrated, which means you need less product (and plastic!) to yield amazing results. 

You can use the product either in the dishwasher or your sink. Just add a drop (seriously, one drop) to the wine glass, then wash it with a soft sponge or cotton cloth and rinse with hot water. If you choose to use it in the dishwasher, add it to the appliance where you’d put a rinse aid. Afterward, you should have crystal-clear glasses, ready for tasting. 

According to the product’s description, it’s used by tons of restaurants and wine bars and more than 200 wineries. With nearly 75 percent five-star Amazon ratings, Restaurant Crystal Clean boasts tons of glowing reviews from happy customers. 

“If you clean a lot of wine glasses, this is the best product out there! It creates just enough suds to get everything totally clean, but also washes out easily and completely with only a couple of rinses,” says one five-star reviewer. “If you decant and drink wine regularly out of good crystal containers, you will love Crystal Clean.”

And another positive review: “Glasses really shine, like they’re from a restaurant. Just a quick wipe with a tea towel and they look spectacular. And there’s no aftertaste whatsoever (tested on countless guests). It’s marvelous that it’s made from plants with no harsh chemicals. I can’t recommend Restaurant Crystal Clean enough. I wouldn’t use anything else.”

The cleaner may seem expensive compared to other alternatives, but remember, you’ll get tons of use out of it because it’s concentrated. Whether you try it on your wine glasses, glass carafes, or crystal, you should see — and maybe even taste — the difference after just one wash.

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