Wine Clubs: High, Low, & In-Between

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If you’re looking for a way to learn something about wine and you’re an online, mail-order kind of person, a wine club could be a good option. Although alcohol delivery laws vary state-by-state, many parts of the country are now able to receive wine by online ordering, which makes signing up for a wine club fairly simple. Memberships can range from several hundred dollars a month at the high end to $10 – $15 a bottle at the lower end.

  1. Italian Wine Merchants – $$$ (Based in NYC): Italy is the largest wine producing country in the world. When it comes to wine-producing nations, not even France comes close to making as much or as many different wines as Italy. IWM offers four different club memberships, and each level receives three bottles per month. Memberships start at $317 and top out at $785 for three months. Not cheap, but some memberships include extras like wine books, decanters, and glasses.
  2. Le Dus – $$ / $$$ (Based in NYC): Membership into their wine club starts at $60 a month for a “general admission” pass and tops out at $300 a month for a “tour bus” of rare wines (3 bottles per month at each level). Free shipping is included for residents of NY state only.
  3. Bottlenotes – $$ / $$$ (Based in NYC): These guys have a wide variety of wine club memberships, ranging from $45 a month for 2 bottles from the “Explorer’s Club” to $100 a month for 2 bottles from the “Connoisseurs Club.”

  4. Pasanella and Son Vintners – $$ (Based in NYC): This shop offers a Vino-and-Cookbook-of-the-Month Club for $50 per month. Each month, you’ll get 2 wines (one red, one white) and an accompanying book. The first month’s selection is the New Basics Cookbook by Julee Rosso & Sheila Lukins, authors of the Silver Palate Cookbook.
  5. Provenance Food & Wine – $$ (Based in Chicago): They offer two levels of enrollment: one for $35/month and one for $50/month. Each one gets you 2 bottles of wine per month: 1 red, 1 white, chosen by season. They offer out-of-state shipping with average charges in the US of $15/month.
  6. Napa Style – $ / $$ (Based in California): This catalog retailer (known for its rustic home goods) also has a wine club with two levels of membership with delivery every 1, 2, or 3 months. The Cucina package comes with 6 international bottles (4 reds, 2 whites) for $90 a month, and the Enoteca package features 6 bottles from Italy and Napa (4 reds, 2 whites) for $150 a month.
  7. – $ (Online): This isn’t a traditional club; it’s more like an online overstock service for wine lovers. Every week, a new deal goes up. You don’t need to sign up or pay a monthly fee; you just need to check the site for deals/packages that appeal to you.