Local Clinton Vineyards Cassis Makes a Local Kir Royale

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Eating Local, Eating Well month, I’m cooking up a local Kir Royale.

Some time ago, I went to a tasting of the Hudson Valley’s own Clinton Vineyards wines with one of the proprietors, Phyllis Feder an exuberant, sweet and statuesque woman whose wines, made mostly from the Seyval grape, are good. But her Cassis was unbelievable. And the story is good: made from black currants (once banned as a crop in the U.S. because of a fungus carried by the berries that was poisonous to white pine trees), Clinton Vineyards is currently the only U.S. producer of true Cassis.

I just picked up a bottle at Vintage New York just around the corner from my office. While I was there, I met Kyle, the store manager, who suggested Swedish Hill Vineyards’ Blanc de Blanc for the sparkling side of my Kir Royale. He said he likes to call it a Kir Imperial, in honor of this, our Empire state, not to be confused with the sparkling wine cocktail using raspberry-flavored framboise liqueur (creme de framboise.) I love it.

Local Kir Royale
makes 1

5 parts New York State sparkling wine
1 part Clinton Vineyards Cassis

Pour the Cassis into a champagne or wine glass. Slowly add the wine.

• Buy Clinton Vineyards Cassis direct through Clinton Vineyards, at Vintage New York (482 Broome Street @ Wooster, 2492 Broadway @ 92nd), or online throughArlington Wine (Poughkeepsie, NY)