Win a Liebherr WS 1200 Wine Refrigerator

(Image credit: Liebherr)

Gift: Liebherr WS 1200 Wine Refrigerator
Store: Liebherr
Value: $1699

This is the season for giving and receiving, and every year we extend our thanks to you, our fabulous readers, with a set of giveaways. This year we narrowed the list of goodies down to just five of our all-time, hands-down favorites. We love our wine around here, so we wanted something for all you wine-lovers. This sleek wine fridge from one of our favorite appliance brands, Liebherr, is a luxurious accessory for your wine collection.

WS 1200 wine unit

Perfect for the wine connoisseur, Liebherr’s compact WS 1200 ($1,699.00) gives wine enthusiasts premium wine storage in an attractive package. The well-appointed stainless steel cabinet holds up to 12 bottles of Bordeaux on solid beech-wood shelving and has a convenient drawer that can maintain a warmer temperature than the wine compartment for holding wine accessories or chocolates. Other product features of the WS 1200 include:
  • Alarm system to alert homeowner if door has been left open or temperature has been compromised.
  • Insulated glass door with UV protection and activated charcoal filter to protect wine from busy kitchen influences, such as light and odor.
  • Energy-efficient LED ceiling light emits virtually no heat and is dimmable to cast a cool glow across the room.

Wine Storage and Serving Tips from Liebherr to make entertaining easy and stress-free:
  • With their precise temperature controls, Liebherr wine cabinets ensure that the temperature you desire is constantly maintained.
  • Unlike other wine refrigerators, which only have cooling functions, Liebherr wine cabinets are also capable of heating to maintain the perfect conditions should the wine cabinet’s surroundings drop below the desired temperature.
  • When serving white wines, the ideal temperature is 46ºF (8ºC), while red wines are best served at 64ºF (18ºC).
  • With over 50 years of experience and innovation behind them, Liebherr’s industry award-winning wine storage cabinets provide ideal conditions, as well as light and odor protection.