Countertop Choices

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There are a mind-boggling number of countertop options including concrete, solid surface, natural and engineered stone, glass or ceramic tiles and even cast recycled materials. Whether you are looking for eco friendly materials or something easy to maintain and clean, it’s quite often color and style that are the most influential factors. But what if you could find an option that that delivers on all your wants for a new countertop?

Wilsonart HD is a new countertop option that offers the look and feel of natural stone with none of the environmental effects of a quarry. Composed of up to 20% post-consumer recycled wood fibers, Wilsonart HD requires no sealing or annual maintenance, and care is limited to a basic all-purpose cleanser and water.

Clean up is even easier if you include a Wilsonart HD integrated sink. This brand new option offers the seamless look of a solid surface sink/top combo. Crumbs and dirt sweep right from countertop to sink with a quick wipe. And the look is luxury, while the price tag is very smart.

Wilsonart HD offers an array of vibrant colors and patterns to fit the character of your kitchen. Warm and cool neutrals with a white or beige base will give your kitchen an air of fresh cleanliness; Wilsonart HD in Luna Winter and Sedona Spa fit the bill. Rich brown and black tones lend a sophisticated feel; Wilsonart HD in Raven Gemstone or Medallion are just a couple of the options in the options . Red and Orange injecting warmth in your kitchen; consider Deepstar Mineral. Or give your kitchen a cool tranquility with blues and greens; try Deepstar Jade or Crystalline Ice are beautiful additions.

With natural stones, you are at the mercy of what has been quarried and available at the stone yard. With other natural materials, like soapstone, your choice is black or black! In this day, these pricey options may not make sense. But why wait to update your kitchen?

Wilsonart HD offers 48 design options, available from anywhere in the country, offering affordable luxury that makes sense.