Will Your Friendships Survive the Picky Eating Test?

published Jan 8, 2018
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Internet videos, memes, tests, and quotes have fully infiltrated our culture. We chuckle as we scroll by them in our Facebook and Twitter feeds. We laugh when someone posts another video of a cute puppy to Instagram. But not all of these things are cute babies saying silly things. Some of these things can be pretty controversial, as is the latest one that’s been making the rounds the last couple weeks.

This latest thing that’s floating around social media is the “picky eating test,” where you’re supposed to add up all the things you won’t eat on the list and leave a comment with your number. Now, I’m convinced that there are two types of people who would take the time to repost this: The first are those who can’t conceive of people who don’t eat the items on the list and the second are those who are weirdly proud that they eat next to nothing and find all the things on the list terrible.

The good news is this one centers around food and not the list of horrible things one did when they were a juvenile delinquent. Those are always the ones where you see your parents comment first and you realize your number is far higher than theirs or, even worse, that you find out your dad wasn’t the perfect human you had made him out to be!

But when it comes to food — seriously, are there people who don’t eat garlic?

On their own, many of these items can be rather polarizing, but I don’t know too many people who dislike more than a few on this list. Maybe my circle of friends is small and I need to branch out, but I’m curious — what’s your number? Mine is two out of 66, but I won’t tell you the things I don’t eat. You’ll have to guess.