Will Twinkies Get a Healthy Makeover?

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Maybe you’ve heard: Twinkies are back. We talked about it on here on The Kitchn last week, and I’ve been hearing even more about it from just about every social circle I have, from family members to running partners and restaurant friends. People seem to want to talk Twinkies! But do we want to talk about healthier Twinkies?

The one thing my family and friends don’t bring up when they mention the big Twinkie comeback is their desire to see a healthier treat. Last week on The Washington Post blog, writer Lydia DePillis discussed the rumors that Twinkies will get a healthy makeover — and why that likely won’t work. In her piece, DePillis describes how the new management is thinking about changing the formula to keep up with healthier trends of the time. And they’re rumored to be looking towards whole grains to do just that. 

But DePillis points out that true whole grain flours go rancid more quickly than white, processed flours “so it would take 
more chemical additives to create the kind of shelf life that people expect in a snack cake.” In addition, the calories would likely remain the same. University of Minnesota food scientist Joanne Slavin is quoted as saying, “I think there’s some tweaking you could do on your Twinkie to make it healthier, but at the end of the day it’s still a dessert.”

What do you think? Should Twinkies work on their healthy image or should we just leave this classic, beloved American snack cake alone? 

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