Will the Right Container Keep My Honey Liquid?

updated May 2, 2019
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Q: What do you use to store and dispense honey that that keeps honey liquid and is on the mess-free end of the spectrum? I have used a little bear plastic squeezable honey container for quite a while, and while it’s practical, sometimes the honey solidifies, which is rather annoying. (Also, I’ve had one or two bears “crack” when squeezing — not fun.)

Not sure if the honey solidifies because the container is not absolutely airtight or if it’s just inevitable. I see those little wood things to “dob” honey out in photos, but haven’t use one, and am not sure how well that would work in practice.

Sent by Susannah

Editor: Susannah, the crystallization of honey is very natural and normal. You can return it to its liquid form by microwaving it gently for a few seconds, or submerging the bottle in a bowl of hot water. It can be annoying, though, to have to do this every time you want honey.

The crystallization, though, is probably not due to your container. It may be due to the type of honey you’re buying, and it can also mean that your cupboard is extra-cold. If you can buy raw honey, try that — we’ve found that our raw honey crystallizes less.

We still just use plastic squeeze bottles for our honey, although our honey usually comes in a plain smooth jar — not the honey bears, which do sometimes crack. We like to be able to squeeze out the honey. But if we did switch to a non-squeezable bottle or jar, we really like this one:

Honey Jar, $14 from AnnieTwoBraids

For more ideas on an alternate honey container, if you do want to try one, check out this post:

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