Will Food Magazines Survive The Slump?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re a cooking website, sure, but we still love the old-school cooking magazines. I have a few favorites stacked up here on my desk for inspiration, and I’m willing to pay for a select few to arrive monthly, hang around on the kitchen counter, grease-spattered, for a week or two or stashed in my bag for subway rides. Call me old fashioned, but I like to hold the paper and dog-ear recipes to try.

But the question everyone’s asking is, with more and more people getting their content online, will the food magazines survive the economic slump?

Last year we asked you Where Do You Find Your Recipes and many of you said you go online. But with such a roster of major food magazines still being published, someone must be using them. I know I am.

Tell us below: do you think food magazines will take a hit as many print publications have recently? Given what Apartment Therapy has seen in the shelter category (Domino, House & Garden, O at Home and Blueprint have all folded), one might guess that some culinary titles will have to fall. If so, which do you think will survive, and which do you find dispensable?