Wickless Candles Are Totally a Thing — and These Will Outlast Your Favorite Jarred Scents

updated Jul 7, 2021
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Although I consider myself a candle connoisseur (with an extensive collection of half-burned candles to prove it), I was surprised to find this new candle trend I’d never heard of taking over the internet: wickless candles. What are they, you ask? Wickless candles are exactly what they sound like: They’re candles without a wick (ergo flameless) that you put on a wax warmer — like this one from Amazon — much like you would with wax melts.

The beauty of wickless candles is that they perfectly combine the pleasant scent of a wax melt with the aesthetic of a traditional candle. Because they’re flameless, they can be safer for small spaces or anywhere inhabited by children or pets. They also last longer because they’re melting versus burning. Ready to give them a try? Here are some of the wickless candles I have my eye on.

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Looking for a unique housewarming gift or party favor? Try these simple, yet elegant, wickless candles. These hand-poured candles come in a variety of scents like eucalyptus mint, grapefruit mango, and white sage lavender, and you can even pick the color of the tin to make it super special.

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Unlike traditional candles, wickless candles melt from the bottom so that decorations at the top of your candle are preserved for longer. Case in point: These candles from Moonbeam Society on Etsy. Choose from unique scents like watermint clementine, creme brulee, sea salt orchid, and lavender driftwood without worrying about the flame.

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If you're looking for a fresher scent to fill your space, then give this green-apple-scented wickless candle a try. Hand poured in Indiana, this bright candle is also sure to add a pop of color to your coffee table or nightstand.

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This candle is cute, and it's sold by a small business. The cereal candle is a combo of many scents: citrus, cherry, orange, vanilla, and sandalwood. You can buy it with a wick or without (for $1 less), but I'm pretty sure I'd just be leaving it on display for the foreseeable future. What's not to love?

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Sosa Scents Co

I actually first learned about wickless candles after watching a brief tutorial on TikTok by Sosa Scents Co, another small business candle maker. I love the simple packaging that adds to that authentic candle look, and their scent combos — like spiced amber and honey, coconut pineapple water, and plumeria and jasmine — sound heavenly. They just restocked, so hurry while supplies last!

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If you're new to wickless candles, then I would try one of these affordable soy candles from Amazon. They're a steal at less than $10, and you can choose from four scents: cucumber melon, lavender, mahogany teakwood, and woody.

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If you're looking for a candle that'll add a pop of color to your room, I've got just the one for you. This birthday cake-inspired wickless candle is sure to smell just as good as it looks — and might even make you hungry in the process.

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If you're missing winter in July, then consider trying this wickless candle that combines chocolate and vanilla to create the aroma of a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows. Want to browse more scents? Check out the Sunny Dusk Wickless Candle or Mr. N1 Wickless Candle from the same brand.

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For the candle lover with a sweet tooth, this lemon sugar cookie candle looks good enough to eat — and melt. Set it up on your wax warmer or on a side table for a whimsical touch and a sweet aroma.

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