Why You Won’t Find an MP3 Player in My Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In our home we have all sorts of ways to listen to music, and although most folks opt for a MP3 player in the kitchen due to its small size, I stay as far away as possible. I stick exclusively to records and not because I’m some indie hipster snob.

Most of us will agree that music in the kitchen is a necessity. It helps us put a little extra love into things and it’s far more entertaining to roll out sheets of pasta to a little Ke$ha (don’t judge). But when it comes to cooking, you also always have to expect the unexpected. No matter how seasoned of a cook you are, there is always some small disaster waiting to happen. It’s all too easy for something to boil over, drip, or have flour flung in every nook and cranny. Even the cleanest cooks know that a certain level of chaos is to be expected. MP3 players are expensive, the music which they contain is pricey, and no one wants to have a hiccup with their trusty tunes.

In my kitchen we listen exclusively to records because they’re easy to handle. I can flip a record with wet hands, i can do dishes and skip a track without worry, and the process of choosing something to listen to when it comes to vinyl is different than it is with digital devices. You’re picking an album, plus a side of which to listen to as you look for inspiration. It’s all too easy to turn on your iPod to the same thing you always do, but with records that interaction is slightly different and I have a hunch that it helps make me a better cook, turning out better food.

What do you listen to in your kitchen? Share your musical setup in the comments below!