Why You Shouldn’t Use a Kitchen Knife to Carve Your Jack-o’-Lantern

(Image credit: Coco Morante)

It’s very tempting to just reach in the drawer and grab your favorite kitchen knife when it comes time to carve up that pumpkin. But think twice before you do.

If you’re at all shaky with your knives, opt for the pumpkin carving tools instead. Why? They are safer.

In a study done at SUNY Upstate Medical University, it was revealed that tools designed to carve pumpkins produced injuries that were less severe than a regular kitchen knife in simulated accidents.

Now, if you’re a pro with your kitchen knife, it still might be the better option, but don’t write off those pumpkin carving kits for friends and family who are less skilled with a blade.

And once you’ve carved your jack-o’-lantern, make sure it lasts as long as possible.