Why You Should Buy This Thermos Beverage Insulator Right Now

updated May 1, 2019
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If you’re like us, your summertime plans involve spending as much time outdoors as humanly possible. But when you’re hanging out in nature, your creature comforts become a little diminished. Nothing’s worse than getting halfway through a beer before the hot temperature has rendered it warm and basically undrinkable, right?

That’s why this Thermos Beverage Can Insulator is guaranteed to be your new favorite summer accessory. Equipped to hold any 12-ounce can, it’s perfect for camping, fishing, tailgating, hanging out on the beach, or just sitting in your backyard with your buddies.

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And sure, there are similar insulated drink holders on the market (YETI’s Rambler Colster is a close competitor), but here’s why this one is better than all the others.

1. It’s a name you can trust.

While you may be able to purchase other off-brand can insulators for less money, this guy is a Thermos product (and on sale right now for 27 percent off!), so you can trust that after more than 100 years in the business (seriously, they were founded in 1904), they know a thing or two about keeping liquids cold. This can cooler features Thermos’ patented double-wall vacuum insulation technology, which guarantees whatever you’re drinking will stay cold for three hours (that’s 10 times longer than a naked can would).

2. It will keep your can from sweating.

The insulator is crafted out of stainless steel with a special sweat-proof coating, so your hand won’t get wet as you’re imbibing. Maybe you’re thinking a wet hand isn’t a huge deal, but what about if you’re playing the world’s best lawn game? You’re going to want to keep your throwing hand in tip-top condition!

3. It’s got rubber grips.

The insulator has rubber grips on the top and the bottom of the can to make it more comfortable to hold and help prevent spills when it’s sitting on a table.

4. It fits most car cup holders.

Put a can of soda or LaCroix in this thing and you’re good to hit the road. (Note: Do not take a beer in the car with you!) Not only is the insulator good for patio and backyard parties, but it’s sldo great for commutes, camping trips, beach outings, and more.

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