Why Won’t Muffins Rise in My New Gas Oven?

published Sep 25, 2015
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Q: I have a fail-safe muffin batter recipe I have always used with much success in my electric oven. I have now installed a gas oven, and while it has been perfect for browning dishes like mac and cheese, the muffins are not as impressive.

They do not rise as much as when they bake in the electric oven (they are about 20 percent smaller). They don’t have that classic crunchy outer shell that you would expect in a muffin, they take longer to bake, and they don’t brown. I’d be so grateful if you had any tips to share so I can go back to producing perfect muffins every time.

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Editor: Readers, have you had this experience before when switching from an electric to gas oven? Any tips on how make some adjustments to get the same results that come from an electric oven?