These Are the 5 Food Champions of Weekday Breakfast

These Are the 5 Food Champions of Weekday Breakfast

Meghan Splawn
Feb 2, 2018
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Eggs, oatmeal, smoothies, yogurt, and toast are breakfast staples that we all know and love, likely leading many of us to undervalue their prowess when it comes to powering up our weekday mornings. If waffles, pancakes, and cinnamon rolls are the superstars of Saturday and Sunday, then these five favorite foods are the champions of weekday breakfast.

These staple ingredients are champions not only for their nutritional value — they keep us fuller longer or amp up the morning with protein — but also because they can be prepared in a variety of exciting ways.

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Eggs: Versatile, Affordable, and Hard to Get Sick Of

"Eggs for breakfast? Duh!" you think. Try to think again about the fridge staple, because the best cooks return to eggs again and again when they feel uninspired in the kitchen. The reason? Eggs are so damn versatile and packed with protein, you could cook them a different way each day and not eat the same recipe twice.

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Oatmeal: The Blank Slate Workhorse

Sturdy, industrious oatmeal is often discounted as the boring bowl of oats with just butter and brown sugar. Here's the thing about oats, though: they don't have to be sweet and they don't have to be boiled. Oats can be soaked or slow cooked for a breakfast blank slate that can be sweet or savory depending on your mood.

Need an on the go-option that doesn't require a bowl? You can bake oatmeal in cups and bars or make your own grab-and-go jars to eat on the train. Plus, oats can be a filling, nutritious powerhouse of fiber and carbohydrates to get your morning moving.

Smoothies: Playful, Portable, and Easy to Make

Trying to get more fruits and vegetables in your day? Start with smoothies. These creamy, dreamy drinks can be full of greens, zucchini, sweet potato, or even cauliflower and still taste like a tropical vacation in a glass. Possibly the best part of a smoothie is its portability, but if you find yourself getting bored with sipping smoothies, a smoothie bowl is a playful alternative. Plus, you can top smoothie bowls with other breakfast power players like oats and yogurt.

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Yogurt: It's a Classic for a Reason

This gut-friendly food is full probiotics which add digestion. If you choose a full-fat option like Greek yogurt and partner it with a few smart toppings, you'll be powered until lunch. And don't discount the non-dairy options: Coconut- and almond-based varieties will still fill you up. Yes, yogurt can be an ingredient in smoothies, oatmeal, and swiped on toast to partner with some of our other power players, but its also swings sweet or savory to suit your cravings.

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Toast: Don't Mess with a Classic

We're not talking about the buttered and cinnamon-sugared toasts of our youth here. Nope, when it comes to a strong breakfast toast, we start with a hearty bread first and then build upon its power. Your toast is only as strong as your topping game and it can be another place to get in more vegetables (yes, avocados and tomatoes, but also peas, broccoli, zucchini, corn, or sprouts). Be sure to partner your hearty bread with a healthy fat like avocado, yogurt, ricotta, or hummus to keep you fuller longer.

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