Why We’re Loving Super-Flat Brownies

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

No, these weren’t a mistake. Remember these brownie ice cream sandwiches we mentioned earlier this week? Well, we only got as far as the brownies, never making it to the sandwich part. And they’re so good and versatile, we’re imagining all kinds of other uses for them…

Here’s the recipe that we used:

Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches, from Everyday with Rachael Ray

We initially made the brownies because we were craving something chocolate, we had almost all of the ingredients (we subbed in some chocolate chips for cocoa and cut down on the sugar a bit), and they only needed to cook for 10 minutes. Our cravings don’t like to wait.

In reality, ours took almost 20 minutes to cook through and were a little thicker than 1/8-inch, so next time we’ll use a larger pan. Overall, though, they took very little time to pull together.

So, what’s the big deal? Well, they’re dense and fudgy, but they break apart cleanly (no gooey mess). They are essentially a cross between a cookie and a brownie. We’ve stuck them on the side of a bowl of ice cream, and the texture is soft but still a little crumbly, which is how we like our toppings.

They’d be a great base for a schmear of whipped cream or even good jam. We can see them as a sliver of sweet served next to a cup of tea. The idea is that they feel less decadent than a regular brownie, but they’re so, so much easier to make than individual cookies.

Eventually we’ll get around to using them for their intended purpose.