Why the Slow Cooker Is Your Best Friend for Halloween

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Whether you’re entertaining your adult friends, or anticipating an in-and-out crowd of your kids, their friends, and neighbors, Halloween is the ideal time to lean on the ease and comfort of your slow cooker. Use your slow cooker to make a big batch of a warm beverage or let it hold warm, cheesy dips. The slow cooker can even cook up a big batch of chile, soup, or sloppy joes, and they keep it warm, ready, and waiting for guests as they stop by for candy and good company.

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Use Your Slow Cooker for Drinks

Hot drinks might be the number-one reason to run your slow cooker come Halloween. Whether you want to make a big batch of hot toddies for your costume party or serve mulled cider to warm up neighborhood friends as they pop by with their friends, the slow cooker will be there to help. While these drinks heat up, they’ll also perfume the whole house with their warm, welcoming aroma.

Slow-Cooker Sips Mini-Guide

Use Your Slow Cooker for Dinner

This year Halloween falls on a Monday, which for most parents means that they’ll be struggling to get their kids to eat something other than candy between their school’s costume parades, harvest parties, and trick-or-treating. The slow cooker helps, as you can prep dinner before work and have something besides candy to fill their bellies right after school. And if they’re too excited to eat, you can turn the slow cooker to “warm” and stop back home post trick-or-treating for some sustenance and warmth.

Halloween Dinner Done Right

Use Your Slow Cooker for Dips and Desserts

My mother used to make a chile-studded Veelveta-based queso every year for Halloween. It did double duty as dinner for us before we set off, and dip for her girlfriends who’d stop by while their kids trick-or-treated the neighborhood. Her old slow cooker kept that dip warm and ready for chips all night.

This recipe is reminiscent of Mama’s dip: Slow-Cooker Queso Dip

Although you probably won’t need any dessert while you sort everyone’s candy collection, this slow-cooker apple crisp could serve as dessert for a costume party or be served as breakfast the morning after too much candy.

Get the recipe: Slow-Cooker Apple Crisp