Why Small People Need Big Knives Too: Knife Advice from Sara Moulton

Why Small People Need Big Knives Too: Knife Advice from Sara Moulton

Faith Durand
Jun 27, 2012

I am not a tall person. I level out at about 5 foot nothing, in my stockinged-feet. My hand are proportional to my height; they're small and square. For this reason, I've always avoided full-sized chef's knives, opting for smaller 8-inch knives. Full-sized knives make me nervous; can I handle them? Can I take advantage of their weight, or will they be harder to use safely? Well, chef Sara Moulton is petite herself, but she has a convincing argument. Yes, even small people need big knives.

At her blog today, Sara does a side-by-side comparison of two sizes of knives. She shows how the "sweet spot" of a knife determines how much work it can do at once, and how choosing a knife with a bigger sweet spot actually gives puny arms a break, because it doesn't take as long to get all your chopping done!

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Sara's Kitchen Revelations - Small People Need Big Knives from Sara Moulton

What do you think? Do you use an 8-inch or 10-inch knife? What are you most comfortable with, and why?

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(Image: Sara Moulton)

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