Why Pizza Is Actually the Best Wedding Gift

Why Pizza Is Actually the Best Wedding Gift

Lisa Freedman
May 18, 2017
You'd be dancing like this ... if your guests gave you pizza!
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Earlier this year, Domino's launched a wedding registry website — something entirely separate from its main website — allowing couples to register for pizzas for the wedding night, post-honeymoon life, and other special packages. The idea is being marketed as "the first registry for couples who prefer delicious melty cheese to crystal gravy boats." The internet kind of exploded over the silliness. Would couples seriously register for pizza? Turns out, the answer to that question is yes: Tons of registries have been created since the site launched in February. (Company reps were tight-lipped when we asked them to tell us exactly how many.)

And for good reason! You see, pizza is an excellent wedding gift. Here's why you should consider registering for pizza or, if you're a guest, gifting a cheesy pie.

1. It's not like anyone already owns a lot of pizza.

These days, a lot of couples already live together before they get married, or they're getting married later in life. Either way, they're bound to already own a lot of the things people traditionally put on a registry. People might have stand mixers, dinnerware, and a set of stainless steel pots, but no one ever says, "No thanks, I already have a lot of pizza!" That's just not a thing.

2. It'll save newlyweds a ton of time.

Newlyweds have the rest of their lives to cook up dinners at home (some ideas: 10 Winning Recipes for a Romantic Date Night at Home), but after all that planning, partying, and maybe honeymooning, they're going to be tired. Pizza cuts out the meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and dishwashing, so that couples have more time to canoodle on the couch.

3. Pizza can be dressed up or down.

If Domino's doesn't seem fancy enough to you, there's always local or artisanal pizza joints, which usually offer gift cards. Paired with a bottle of wine or Lambrusco, it's an extra-special gift.

4. It'll keep couples from arguing.

Every couple knows this fight all too well: The one that happens at 6:30 on a weeknight when you were both too busy to meal plan. There's no food in the house and neither person has any input on what to eat for dinner. Cereal comes up and everyone gets annoyed. This is when pizza comes to the rescue. It could even save marriages!

5. It's no sillier than the other stuff couples can register for.

Wedding wish lists are getting less and less traditional. The registry site Zola now allows couples to add spin classes from Soul Cycle. Couples can crowdsource guests for dinners on a honeymoon, a meal kit subscription, or even pet food for their dog. Pizza isn't all that different. Plus, it's a budget-friendly option for guests who are already spending a ton of money just to get to the wedding.

Would you ever register for pizza? Or gift it to a couple?

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