Why My Stand Mixer Will Never Replace My Hand Mixer

published Mar 21, 2016
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Despite my excitement about bringing home the cherry-red stand mixer I coveted for so long, the strangest thing happened: I couldn’t seem to part ways with my hand mixer. By all accounts it should have been time to toss it; it had definitely seen better days. That little mixer was on its last leg, and it was a wonder it was still functioning. But I held onto it, and tucked it away in the closet “just in case.”

As in, just in case my brand new stand mixer suddenly stopped working, or just in case I lost the stand mixer attachments in my 300 square foot apartment. Plus a lot of other silly justifications that made me feel okay about holding on to an extra appliance I expected I’d no longer need.

Sometimes Simplicity Reigns

While I know this to be true in so many aspects of life, my stand mixer reminded me that sometimes simplicity is really what reigns in the kitchen — and bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Now this isn’t to say that I wasn’t head-over-heels for my red stand mixer — I certainly was, and still am today. It’s been my sidekick in kneading bread, and making countless batches of muffins, quick breads, and cookies, including my wedding favors. But I’ve come to learn that, for me, it’s actually not always the best tool to get the job done. Sometimes that stand mixer is best left sitting in the corner, while I reach for my hand mixer instead.

It turns out those silly justifications for opting to hang on to my hand mixer were just that: silly. It really does have a place in my kitchen — a very useful one. So much so that I eventually ditched my old one, and bought a new one. Because really, despite their similarities, these mixers serve different purposes.

While my hand mixer doesn’t prove ideal for big projects, and certainly can’t knead dough, it takes the prize for small tasks and simple recipes, like when it comes to beating a couple egg whites or making just enough whipped cream to top off my bowl of ice cream. It not only proves effective, but there’s also a lot to be said for the faster, easier cleanup — especially when you hate washing dishes.

Also, there’s just something about licking those batter-coated beaters from my hand mixer that a paddle attachment could never replicate.

Recipes to Make with Your Trusty Hand Mixer

Do you feel as attached to your hand mixer as I do?