Why Leather Designer Steven Soria Uses a Pegboard For His Favorite Kitchen Tools

Why Leather Designer Steven Soria Uses a Pegboard For His Favorite Kitchen Tools

Leela Cyd
Apr 24, 2014

Who cooks and eats here: Steven Soria of Make Smith
Where: Santa Barbara, CA
Visit Steven's blog: Make Smith Blog

While touring Steven's kitchen a few weeks ago, I noticed a sweet and useful detail: a white pegboard over the stove. I haven't personally seen this material used in a cooking space since a visit to Julia Child's amazing kitchen at the Smithsonian museum as a kid. Turns out a pegboard can look fresh and totally modern, as we've seen before. Find out why Steven loves this storage system:

Tell us why you love your pegboard, and the tools you have hanging on it.

"The tools hanging on the pegboard are the ones that I need to be able to grab most frequently. Most often I have various sized cast iron skillets hanging there ready to be used. They're nothing special, mostly just some hand-me-down die-hard cast iron.

The pegboard I added not that long ago after being inspired by the first Julia Child book that my chef friend (Mellisa Bishop) let me borrow after I took one of her cooking classes. I was super inspired by how well-organized Julia Child's kitchen looked, that it reminded me of my leather crafting workshop. I have pegboards on the walls there as well. I love being able to see all of my tools all at once and know where everything is located. I tend to get kinda crazy when I'm cooking so I want to be able to grab a thing real quick."

Julia Child's editor, Judith Jones, also had a pegboard in her kitchen.

"The only piece that's up on the pegboard that is just there to look fancy is the Ebelskivers pan. I recently purchased that from my friend's vintage consignment shop called Cominichi's (I shop there a lot). I grew up next to a Danish town outside of Santa Barbara count called Solvang, where I was originally introduced to Ebelskiversand Scandinavian liquor.

I've been working on a Ebelskivers recipes, but have yet to really knock anything out of the park. But I'm enjoying the tedious process of trying new recipes. When I was in Portland last, I stopped in at Broder Nord on Southeast Clinton St. to scope out some Ebelskivers amazingness. Needless to say it was delicious, and I returned to my kitchen ready to try again."

Resources of Note:

  • The ladle: "This was a gift from my girlfriend, Weslie. Her family had been using it for years. I love using ladles when making pancakes. It just makes it easier to not make a mess and pour on the right amount of batter."
  • The pot holders: "I made them at Make Smith Leather Co. We are starting to design our home goods collection, and I wanted to try out a pot holder in leather. When you cook with cast iron pans and skillets you tend to burn yourself every now and again on the handles because they heat so consistently. I tried a few fabrics pot holders but they just didn't hold up. Leather seems to work really well for insulating from heat."
  • The cutting board: "I got it at Cominichi's a while back. I added a leather handle to match the pot holders and help it hang on the peg board. I'm not sure if you can see it, but it has a Calligraphic "S" for SORIA on it."

Thanks for the tips, Steven!

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