Valentine's Day

Why It’s Better to Be Single on Valentine’s Day

updated May 1, 2019
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It’s that time of year when even a quick stop at the drug store becomes a full-on romantic assault. Who ever thought teddy bears, candy, and chocolate could inspire so much angst? For singles, whether you just got out of a relationship last week or haven’t had a date since you listened to CDs on your Discman, this can be a tricky holiday to navigate.

But flying solo on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a soul-crushing experience. In fact, if you tweak your perspective and emphasize the more uplifting aspects of the holiday, it can be downright fun. The key is to take the focus off what you don’t have and celebrate what you do.

Here are eight reasons why it’s better to be single.

  1. You don’t have to share your chocolate with anyone. That box of bon bons is all yours, boo.
  2. You can stay home. No heading out in the freezing cold (in high heels!) to eat mushy risotto at an overpriced, fussy restaurant your date picked off Yelp. Instead, cook your favorite meal or order takeout, and sip your favorite wine. Shower yourself with a little TLC on your terms.
  3. You won’t receive one of those sad single red roses wrapped in stiff plastic and wonder, What do I do with it? It’s too big to shove in your purse, and it looks like something The Beast would have under a glass dome in his study.
  4. Real talk: At least you’re not in a relationship with the wrong person. That’s an achievement that deserves recognition, too. Pat yourself on the back for not settling.
  5. No need to shave a leg or an armpit — put that razor away. Without a wandering hand to brush up against your gams, you can keep that winter shave-free streak going.
  6. You have a cat (also works with sister, mother, best friend). And there’s no shame in asking her to be your Valentine. Sure, this is a holiday that conjures up images of crass commercialism, lovesick couples, and candy hearts, but it can also be about appreciating the forces in your life that make your heart feel warm and squishy. Don’t wallow in singledom; honor the parts of your life you’re excited about. Because if and when you do find yourself in a relationship, these are the people you’ll lean on in tough times. They’re the support system that will make your life richer.
  7. Seriously, did I mention you can keep all the chocolate for yourself? It’s hard to frown when you’re feasting on salted caramel squares.
  8. You won’t be dumped on Valentine’s Day. I think we can all agree those people have it worse.