Why Is My Second Batch of Pancakes Always Better than the First?

published Sep 8, 2015
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Q: Just read the post 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking Pancakes. Good read, but I’ve always wondered: Why is the second batch of pancakes off the griddle always better than the first?

Does this just happen to me or have you experienced this also? Can you explain why?

Sent by Dave

Editor: This definitely happens to the best of us, and we found a great explanation in this article from CHOW. The first batch of pancakes might not be as good because the griddle or pan might not have been properly heated or greased. There are some great tips in here, including testing the pan’s heat, using room temperature batter, and letting the batter rest for a few minutes first to help you be more successful during the first batch.

Readers, do you have any theories on why the first batch might not turn out as well as the second batch?