Why I’m Still in Love With These Eazistore Pans, 3 Years Later

published Aug 18, 2014
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(Image credit: Sarah Rae Smith)

One of our favorite jobs, here at The Kitchn, is trying out new products. There’s gimmicky stuff, there’s weird stuff, there’s stuff that never makes it past our inbox, but

3 years ago I put this set of pans to the test

Eazistore Nesting Pans, Three Years Later

These pans make up for Eazistore’s slightly cheesy name 10-fold in performance. They have been the workhorses in my kitchen for years.

(Image credit: Sarah Rae Smith)

This set of pans first piqued my curiosity because of their stacking nature. They are built to fit together — novel idea! Under my cabinets, they sit nested, just waiting for their turn to boil, sauté, and more. I’ve done everything in them from temperamental sugar work to ordinary daily cooking like making pancakes.

I’ve let food sit and bake and cake on for admittedly more days than I should say in a public forum and they clean up brilliantly. I’ve heard from other readers who have had problems with their lids and the small steam hole in each, but I honestly rarely use the lids, so it’s not a deal breaker for me, especially when I’m not playing the pan stacking game anymore under my cabinets.

Want to watch a sassy video with some smooth jazz in the background? I knew you did.

They’re still scratch-free, have been handwashed, run through the dishwasher hundreds of times, been dropped, baked, overheated and in general put through all the worst tests you can think possible. Color me impressed; these pans are the little engines that could!

(Image credit: Mother Earth News)

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