New York City Is Killing My Cooking Resolve, But I'm Resolved to Take Back Breakfast

New York City Is Killing My Cooking Resolve, But I'm Resolved to Take Back Breakfast

Kate Gagnon
May 13, 2014
(Image credit: Faith Durand)

Following a bout of the stomach flu last week, my enthusiasm for cooking was tested hard. The refrigerator inspired very few delicious thoughts (Gatorade and chicken soup, anyone?), and combined with a very busy work week, I must admit that I ate out for 85% of my meals. How is it so easy to do this when I value cooking at home so much?

The fridge was full of nothing that added up to anything, in a post-sickness way where the amount of liquids outweigh the solids that could produce anything possibly resembling a meal. When a friend popped over on Thursday, I actually ran to the bodega across the street to complete the chips part of chips and salsa — the most impressive nosh I could muster.

Living in New York City, it's so easy to eat out for every meal. Delicious and convenient food is around every corner or ready to be ordered from your phone. Delis open all night stock the essentials for any impromptu tortilla chip run or my favorite, the breakfast sandwich. Pretty soon the baristas at Starbucks could be considered friends and family because who else do you see more for breakfast? It's easy to get absorbed in the busy NYC life and find yourself indulging in mediocre food and not that great habits, financial or health or otherwise.

Sure I've been cooking a big meal here or there, but it's the everyday that I'm truly slacking on — especially breakfast. Last week I wrote about the joys of eating a luxurious breakfast out on a weekday, but it's the grab and run coffee-in-one-hand, egg-and-cheese-sandwich in the other that I'd like to change. It's the most important meal of the day, one of my favorites, and probably shouldn't be eaten hunched over my desk as I sort through outlook. I love making breakfast on the weekends, but find myself so pressed for time in the mornings that often I go so far as to make a french press but then run out the door after forgetting to push the plunger down and drink any.

This week, I'm resolved to break my habits and make time for the breakfast ritual I so love. It's a small meal and a small step towards taking back the kitchen from an eating out life.

What are you favorite weekday recipes? Bonus points if they're make ahead!

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