Why I’m Not Eating Sad Desk Breakfasts Anymore

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

Last week, I had a serious realization at my work desk. After fishing a crumb of overly crisped bacon out of my keyboard, I stopped mid-bite to stare at the mediocre egg sandwich from a coffee chain in my hand. Why am I eating the saddest breakfast at my desk every morning? Is this even made of real eggs?

While I almost never eat fast food, somehow breakfast had slipped into another territory where it was okay to give in to the one-stop-shop quick meal that was neither fulfilling nor cheap when you added it up. This week, things changed.

It’s true — I had a brief, but dangerous love affair with the bacon, egg and gouda sandwich at a certain coffee shop chain. One thing led to another and the crunch of questionable bacon combined with the crunch of time in my mornings added up to a bad choice — both for my wallet and my appetite.

So, what’s the big obstacle? Fifteen more minutes of sleep, that’s what. Sure, I could make a delicious French-pressed coffee and perfect egg sandwich at home, but snooze button. You’ve got to admit, we’ve all been there.

Luckily this week, we were doing a major deep clean of the apartment and I pulled out my slow cooker to make this barbecue shredded chicken as an end of the day reward. The chicken was out of this world good, and with the slow cooker already out, I went ahead and queued up a bunch of overnight oats using Alton Brown’s recipe, minus the fruit.

I wasn’t necessarily thinking about how I needed to break the gross egg sandwich rut, but in the morning I was giddy to wake up for this oatmeal. (Is it embarrassing to admit that oatmeal made me excited to wake up?) Storing the leftovers in the fridge, I had a delicious, fulfilling breakfast each weekday morning. The result was honestly a much happier, productive human. I wasn’t hungry for lunch until much later and my brain was buzzing with creative ideas and energy by the time I arrived at work in the am.

What’s your favorite breakfast for weekdays?