I Am Getting Rid of My Blender, and Here’s Why

updated May 1, 2019
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I had one of those kitchen revelations not too long ago that changed the way I cook. And as a result I will likely never use a standard blender ever again.

Now, I realize that one woman’s kitchen revelation is another woman’s duh moment. So if you’ve been doing this trick for years, hats off to you (and why didn’t you tell me about this sooner?). If you’re like me and had never thought of this, well then, welcome to the club.

Here’s why I’m ditching the blender, and what I’ll be using instead.

(Image credit: Kristin Appenbrink)

1/2-gallon Mason jar + immersion blender

= all I’ll ever need

(Image credit: Kristin Appenbrink)

Okay, technically this is still a blender, and using an immersion blender isn’t anything new. But it’s the combination of the two that makes it a blender-killer in my book. Goodbye, standard blender. We’re through!

(Image credit: Kristin Appenbrink)

Why This Combo Works for Me

Here’s why the Mason jar and immersion blender combo works best for me.

  • I have limited space in my kitchen. Yes, by Brooklyn standards my kitchen is enormous. But by the standards of the Midwestern kitchen I grew up with, it’s tiny. Ditching the traditional blender will save me space, which I’ve put to better use with a stand mixer, fancy ice cream maker, and toaster oven.
  • I can use both pieces in multiple ways. I primarily blend things in my 1/2-gallon mason jar, but I also use the immersion blender directly in pots on the stove. And the mason jar has a million other uses. My favorite is making cultured cream for homemade butter.
  • I can make sure everything is blended. With a standard blender, I feel like I always end up with something that’s not quite blended all the way. Whether it’s ice in a smoothie or greens in a creamy soup, there’s always something to strain out. With the immersion blender you can move the blade around, or tilt the mason jar to make sure every last bit is puréed.
  • It’s beyond easy to clean. I’m a clean-as-you-go cook, and the fact that I can normally just rinse the immersion blender blade in hot water to clean it makes all the difference in the world. It saves me time, and I don’t have to worry about waiting for every last piece of the standard blender to dry before stowing it away.
  • It makes storing leftovers easy. I love making a batch of soup on a Sunday and then eating it for lunch throughout the week. Making my favorite roasted carrot soup directly in the jar means I can just seal it and stick it in the fridge. Same goes for smoothies — I generally make two portions at once and keep one in the fridge for the following morning.
(Image credit: Kristin Appenbrink)

To be fair, all bets are off if I find myself in possession of a Vitamix. But until that day, the immersion blender and mason jar combo is my blender of choice.

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Now, tell me why you’re committed to your blender or why you’re ready to ditch it in the comments.