Why I Drink Green Hot Chocolate for Breakfast

Why I Drink Green Hot Chocolate for Breakfast

Anne Wolfe Postic
Dec 15, 2014
(Image credit: Anne Wolfe Postic)

I've been drinking bright green hot chocolate in the morning. This is, after all, the holiday season, where I could probably go to a party every single night, so I like to start the day right. I am an admitted jumper of bandwagons and this year, I've jumped on the bandwagon of spirulina and liquid chlorophyll. Why not mix them with chocolate?

A cup of hot green liquid will not in any way tempt my kids, so I can get away with drinking it, even if they see the cocoa powder on the counter. Also, I make it with almond milk, and they prefer cow's milk. (Also, it's green.) Even the best eaters are suspicious of green things, especially for breakfast.

About that spirulina ... it's green. (A lovely color of teal, really.) I imagine my internal organs awash in that beautiful midnight teal, and it makes me happy. Normal? Not really, but I hear it also has nutrients, making it the perfect addition to my holiday-party diet, which consists of cheese puffs, cheese, cheese-based dips, and the occasional vegetable, usually wrapped in prosciutto or dipped in blue cheese dressing. And meatballs. And lil' smokies. I love the holidays!

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I have no idea what chlorophyll does for me, but it comes in mint flavor and is a delicious addition to my hot chocolate. Chlorophyll also contains magnesium, something I have found lacking in my diet in the past, so why not add a little more? The minty aftertaste is also preferable to coffee breath.

I add some kind of sweetener, usually honey, and a couple of spoonfuls of almond butter if I don't have time to make an accompanying breakfast and need protein.

What do you think? Would you drink green hot chocolate or is this the most ridiculous bandwagon I've ever jumped on?

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